Terms & Conditions


Without a contract which stipulates the contrary, all invoices are to be paid cash and without discount to our company account. In case of belated payments, under operation of law and without notice, a conventional annual interest of 15% will be charged. Starting from the first notice for non-payment, a compensation of 15% of the total invoice amount, with a minimum of 50 Euro and a maximum of 2500 Euro, will be charged. The seller retains the right to claim the real damages, should these be higher. Including in these charges, but not limited to, are the judicial dunning, recovery and protest costs. In case of arrears of payments, the seller can, without notice, suspend the delivery of all outstanding deliveries until the due payments are made. If after 15 days after the notice, payment is not receive completely, the seller can proceed to extrajudicial severance of current orders, this be chargeable to the buyer. Without a contract which stipulates the contrary, the sellers obligation to deliver is deemed to have been executed during charging of the goods and from that date, the seller will be regarded as the custodian of the goods and as such, he will bear the risk of the goods. All complaints as to the delivered goods must be filed within 10 days after delivery. Absence of reaction by the buyer in regard to these conditions makes the opposable to the buyer, and this for all future contacts. These conditions have absolute priority on all additional or diverting conditions used by the buyer. As soon as the goods are being resold, adapted or processed by the buyer, no complaints can be accepted. On all disputes, Belgian law applies and only the courts of law of the district of Kortrijk are mandated.


Until full payment of the goods, in principal sum, interests and costs, the goods will remain the property of the seller. Even in partial payment default, the seller can reclaim all goods that are at that time in possession of the buyer. With that proviso, the buyer will allow the seller or the sellers mandated agent in his company to pick up the goods. The buyer acknowledges that he was informed on this property retention from the first invoice, making this applicable to all made purchases. In case of reselling to a third party, the seller had a direct claim to all outstanding debts this third party possibly has with the buyer. This as compensation of the outstanding principal sum, interest and costs of the seller towards the buyer. Accepting bank drafts or other payment instruments does not imply a debt renewal and does not form a deviation to the sales conditions.